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Impact of COVID-19 and Strategic Developments on Global Commercial Vehicle Market

We have conducted a brief overview study on the COVID impact on commercial vehicles to understand the current market scenario, a significant shift in production and sales of commercial vehicles, key initiatives by companies in the downtime, and future opportunities to look at.

This webinar will introduce attendees to factors such as lockdowns, supply chain delays, sudden mobility limitations resulted in declining revenues, inventory management, cost-cutting challenges and the production rate for significant OEMs.

Key-points to be covered in the webinar

This webinar will give commercial vehicle companies and research facilities practical tips on how to accelerate their business and overcome challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, we will be sharing examples of best business practices and suggestions for leading the market.

  • Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on the Global Commercial Vehicle Market
  • Recent Innovations & Development by the leading companies in this segment
  • Key Initiatives of Leading Players during COVID – 19 to accelerate their business
  • Get updated with Production /Revenue Trends in Commercial Vehicle Industry
  • Emerging Trends in the Commercial Vehicle Industry

Aired on:  23rd, 24th, 25th November | 10 AM EST | 04 PM CET

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