Opportunities for the Digital Revolution in Diagnostics:- Ingenious e-Brain

Opportunities for the Digital Revolution in Diagnostics:-

Live Webinar on ‘Opportunities for the Digital Revolution in Diagnostics’

Bioconvergence is integration of multiple sciences such as digital science, omics, material science, data computing and others with biology, healthcare and diagnostics. In diagnostics this can help in improving diagnostic solutions in terms of cost, efficiency, and accuracy. Also, Digitization has great potential in digital pathology for diagnosing various types of diseases. Integration of technologies such as artificial intelligence, data science, computing, material science, bioprinting, and others with genomics, proteomics, biological data, drugs information, and other biological fields, there have been many applications such as automated sample preparation, automated analysis, single-cell isolation, high throughput processing, spatial omics, and bioprinting. Companies around the world are exploring these applications and applying them to diagnostics and therapeutics.

Our speakers will talk about:-

  • Integration of various Digital Technologies in diagnostics and their impact
  • Opportunities for collaboration or partnerships in the domain
  • Key Players and Startups making an impact on the industry
  • Recent advancements in the domain
  • Recent notable achievements in R&D sectors for integrating these technologies in diagnostics
  • Future opportunities offered by these technologies
  • How Ingenious e-Brain can help you in strategizing your roadmap?


Scheduled on:

(1) 20th September 2022 @ 11.00 AM EST | 08:00 AM PDT | 10:00 AM CST | 08:30 PM IST
(2) 22nd September 2022 @ 10.00 AM CEST | 09:00 AM BST | 08:00 AM GMT | 05:00 PM JST| 01:30 PM IST

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