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Road to Digital Success in Transforming Medical Imaging

Live Webinar on ‘Road to Digital Success in Transforming Medical Imaging’

Ingenious e-Brain is hosting a webinar on ‘Road to Digital Success in Transforming Medical Imaging’. The event will support biomedical companies to understand the transformation taking place in the medical imaging and how it is transforming new businesses and creating new processes in medical imaging and also providing information on potential partners for collaboration, evaluating recent advancements, ongoing research activities in the field, promising platforms for medical imaging, understanding the impact of these technologies in CT (computed tomography) scan, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) , ultrasound, nuclear medicine imaging, including positron-emission tomography (PET) and others.

Our industry experts will talk about opportunities and roadmap for biomedical companies, where speakers will take you through:-

  • Integration of various Digital Technologies in different Medical Imaging areas
  • Opportunities for collaboration or partnerships in the domain
  • Key Players and Start-ups making an impact on the industry
  • Recent advancements in the domain
  • Recent notable achievements in R&D sectors for integrating these technologies in medical imaging
  • Future opportunities offered by these technologies in biomedical industry
  • How Ingenious e-Brain can help you in strategizing your roadmap?


Scheduled on:  23rd August 2022 @ 11.00 AM EST | 08:00 AM PDT | 10:00 AM CST | 08:30 PM IST

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