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Sugar Reduction Technologies

Emerging Trends and Impact on F&B Industry

Rise in obesity coupled with increasing diabetic population, and health-conscious consumers after COVID-19 pandemic, has enforced food and beverage industry understand the pressing needs of the hour and explore solutions for sugar reduction and sugar alternatives. The industry has witnessed a positive development and trends in addressing reformulation challenges such as taste, sweetness intensity, texture, shelf life, and consumer concerns about safety of sugar alternatives. We anticipate that multiple strategic alliances, common sustainability goals among product manufactures, supply chain, regulators and consumers will grow this space further and lead to a healthier tomorrow.

This webinar will highlight some of the latest developments from technologies, consumers and regulation stand points in last couple of years and how this will impact future growth.

Key topics to be discussed in webinar are:-

  • Current and emerging solutions (technologies and ingredients) providers
  • Strategic alliance/funding and sustainability initiatives by the key entities
  • Case studies/successful examples of implemented solution
  • Evolving regulation and sustainability impact
  • Potential strategies to overcome scalability challenges and how to accelerate consumer adoption
  • Clean label and consumer preferences (want less sugar, natural sugar alternatives or both)

Scheduled on:  19th July 2022 @ 11.30 AM EST | 08:30 AM PST | 10:30 AM CST | 09:00 PM IST

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