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WebEx-Recent Efforts In The Battle Against Sugar

Ingenious e-Brain Solutions will host a free webinar discussion on “Recent Efforts in the Battle against Sugar”. Liking for Sweet taste is widely considered to be one of a small number of basic or primary qualities. The power of sweet taste is such that it can persuade one to consume more and motivate behavior, suggesting the importance of this sense for many species. Who doesn’t enjoy a sweet drink or treat?

But then, there are always cons attached to the pros. More the sugar intake, more is the calorie intake, leading to many diseases. While consumers enjoy the taste of sugar many want to reduce sugar intake and calories in their diets. Sugar Reduction Technology is the latest catch on this problem, where it can be speculated that this technology holds a promising future to help reduce/treat diabetes, overweight, obesity, child obesity, cancer, old age diseases, etc without compromising on that sweet tooth.

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