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Webinar – Statistical Analysis Of Patent Data

Ingenious e-Brain Solutions will host a free webinar discussion on “Statistical Analysis of Patent Data”. Statistical analysis plays a crucial role in getting in-depth information from patent data. Project churned out from landscape, technology scouting or competitor patent analysis result in generation of good data sets with many observations and variables.

We do have data analyst team who use their expertise and various tools such as Excel, SPSS, and R to derive key insights from projects data e.g. there could be an interest to client to know about maximum likelihood of filing of no. of patent applications in a year for a given domain, to identify outstanding organization and their patent filing distribution, to understand sentiment analysis about a technology etc.

This webinar will cover an introduction to requirements for statistical analysis of patent data followed by three different analysis with examples –
1. Patent scoring followed by multiple linear regression model for statistical validation – to identify seminal patents for purpose
2. Time series forecasting for predicting the probable number of patent applications in next quarters – to strategize R&D activity after knowing the competitors patent filings in future
3. Sentiment analysis using twitter API for a given domain
Introduction to these three analyses would lay out foundation for indispensable requirements for such statistical insights from data.

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