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6G Wireless Communication, Research and IP Activities

The launch of 5G wireless communication technologies and its integration with emerging technologies has revealed new technical requirements/challenges. Some challenges include data rate, latency, capacity, and quality of service. 6G wireless communication will overcome these challenges by providing a peak data rate of 1000 gigabits per second, a latency of fewer than 100 microseconds, 50 times the peak data rate, and 1/10th the latency of 5G.

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Technologies like machine learning that are still in their infancy will act as essential components of the 6G ecosystem and enable a decentralized architecture without a centralized controller. The centralized control will help in achieving low latency. The underlying technologies of 6G will fundamentally differ from the fifth generation (5G).

The 6G will provide advanced services due to low latency, high data rate, large capacity, and improved service quality. The advanced service will include immersive extended reality, high-fidelity mobile holograms, and digital replicas. Commercialization of 6G with such services is expected around 2030.

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Some major corporations and academic institutions worldwide have already started Initiatives in 6G Development. LG and Samsung, in collaboration, have created the development technologies required for 6G. Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT), Intel, and Sony announced plans for developing technologies in 6G. Tektronix and French research laboratory IEMN have introduced 100 gigabits per second “wireless fiber” solutions. 6Genesis, a project built around nascent 6G technology launched by Finland. The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) will start concrete 6G standardization work from Release 20, expected in 2025.

IP Activities

Corporations and researchers worldwide have already started filing patents in the 6G communication domain to patent the essential technologies required for developing 6G. Cable Television Laboratories Inc., DeepSig Inc., Koninklijke Philips, Google, and AT&T are among the leading players who have filed patents in the 6G space.

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The US and China are among the leading countries in the development of essential technologies for 6G:

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Vivo filed its first 6G design patent, which has been registered by the European Intellectual Property Office. To develop the 6G, Vivo has developed partnerships with many universities.


With the 5G network already in the commercialization phase, researchers have already started working on developing a 6G network. Research and the patents filed suggest that artificial intelligence (AI) could play an important role in 6G networks, bringing a significant innovation wave in personal communications. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will provide high-quality communication services and experiences for users.

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