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There is tremendous pressure on global good producing  companies  to reduce the extra sugar content in their products. Due to the increase in consumer awareness and various guidelines/initiatives provided by WHO and government agencies for implementation of novel guidelines related to sugar consumption and imposingsugar tax. Although natural and artificial sweeteners have penetrated food industry, but consumers are suspicious about its side effects on health and long-term usage. Therefore, industry is looking for novel sugar substitute which are naturally derived and have negligible impact on taste, texture and visual appearance of bakery and confectionery products.

One of our clients approached us with a document wherein they wanted to know various solutions available for sugar substitute in bakery and confectionery. The major questions to address:

  • Technology solutions:

    Understanding various filler mainly fibers as sugar substitutes for bakery and confectionery products in R&D.

  • Commercial solutions:

    Gain insight into various commercial products mainly fibers and sugar alcohols already available in market.

Our Solution

We carried out a comprehensive landscape study to understand the existing technology in this domain and provided the client with various solutions and their compositions for using fillers as sugar substitute.

Approach and Methodology

Identification of Fillers

Based on our R&D analysis fibers and sugar alcohols were identified as two main fillers for sugar replacement in bakery and chocolate industry. Among fibers, Inulin, Starch, Maltodextrin, Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), Polydextrose, Dextrin,& Tagatosewere were mainly recommended as sugar substitute. Fibers also help in reducing the sugar metabolism therefore contributing to lesser calories.

Oats and Soy fibers

Solutions based on oats and soy fibers as fillers for food and bakery industry were found interesting by our client. Soy and oats also provides health benefits besides preserving texture, firmness, water binding capacity and enhance mouthfeel of end products.

Business Impact

Our technology insights enabled the client to gain in-depth understanding of innovative technologies and products composition being developed as fillers for confectionery and bakery industry. This information was incorporated in developing novel formulations and product pipelines for reduction of sugar content in bakery and confectionery products. The client got an overview of major industry players, and this provided him the opportunity to collaborate with major players, acquisition and mergers to enhance penetration in geographical regions.

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