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Biomass Waste Utilization in Flavor & Fragrance Business

Business Context

Biomass waste is an under-utilized source of material for both energy and ingredients generation. In quest of effective waste management, an Asian based leading producer of flavors and fragrance (F&F) wanted to explore an opportunity to utilize biomass waste generated from industry other than petrochemical and beverage industries, wherein such waste can be recycled/valorized to produce F&F ingredients.

The Challenge

Biomass waste is generated as by-product of activities such as wood savings and crop residues. These are mostly abandoned or given up by humans. The key challenge was to identify biowaste stream and its processing to extract ingredients that is safe, functional and match performance and quality compared to ingredient deployed in mainstream of F&F business.

The client wanted a comprehensive solution landscape on existing and emerging unexplored biomass waste that has potential to be applied in production of ingredients followed by competitors’ strategies and top solution providers who can meet sustainability goals in terms of sourcing, process utilization and application.

Our Solution

Our research team proposed five-step approach and employed a comprehensive strategy covering secondary research, patent, and scientific research to conduct the study followed by primary research, to help the client understand technologies, competition and uncover promising opportunity areas.

Business Impact

We provided the client with actionable recommendations on few upcycled ingredients and advanced technologies to produce high performing, quality F&F ingredients from biomass waste.

  • Client was able to understand state-of-the-art on unexplored biomass waste that has potential in production of F&F ingredients.
  • Client was able to understand overall trends in utilization of biomass waste in F&F business and its impact in mid to long term.
  • Client was able to prioritize few upcycled ingredients for their F&F business.
  • Client was able to understand the various solution approach competitors are adopting to address the challenges associated with utilization of the biomass waste.
  • Client was able to understand competitors’ strategies in minimizing waste reduction and achieve sustainability goals.
  • Client got insights on implemented success stories/use cases for few solutions to establish confidence for collaboration opportunity with solution providers.

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