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Huawei Advances Europe’s Zero-Carbon Ambitions with its Flagship Residential Energy Solution

1. Huawei’s Smart PV Solution is a comprehensive system for zero-carbon households, integrating solar energy capture and storage with smart management, enhancing safety and efficiency

2. Huawei LUNA S1 energy storage solution offers long-term stability with a 15-year warranty, advanced safety features, and a user-friendly design that simplifies installation and blends with home aesthetics

3. Huawei’s EMMA and Smart PV APP enable efficient home energy control, increasing electricity production and investment returns while ensuring household safety

Europe’s journey towards sustainable living is gaining impressive momentum, driven by the need for energy independence and climate action. Besides implementing stringent regulatory guidelines to curb carbon emissions across various commercial sectors in the European region, the growing number of households started to realize the importance of eco-consciousness and sustainability. Thus, Huawei has launched a one-fits-all residential smart PV solution integrated with an optimizer, inverter, ESS, charger, load, and grid, empowering the ambition of zero-carbon households.

Huawei’s groundbreaking residential energy storage product, LUNA S1, comes with Module Plus architecture, setting new benchmarks in energy storage and management.

● 15 years of stable support: Equipped with exceptional Module Plus architecture and large battery cells, the Huawei LUNA S1 offers over 40% more energy throughput along with an extensive 15-year warranty, ensuring durability and superior investment returns.

● Enhanced five-layer safety: LUNA SI promises user safety in extreme conditions owing to the overall cell-level, structural, electrical, and emergency protections. Also, the product boasts IP66 protection and a robust design to withstand pressures up to 5 tons.

● Simplified installation and user experience: The device features a wiring-free design, reducing installation times by half and ensuring a super-silent experience (29dB). Moreover, its flexible modular design enhances the user experience and facilitates easy system capacity expansion.

● Design aesthetics redefined: The Huawei LUNA S1 integrates technology and art in its design, inspired by the stars in the night skies. Its modest, frameless look and cooling-efficient side grille blend make it no less than any home décor piece, embodying the pinnacle of aesthetic design.


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