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Pectin Oligosaccharides As Prebiotics

Pectin is one of the main components of the cell wall, it has been exploited over the years in different industrial applications. It is mainly known as the gelling agent for jams, acid stabilizer and other food-based apps; the role of pectin has now been grown in the field prebiotic to benefit gut microflora. From the last few years, several research activities have been seen in the related context, where the prebiotic potential of pectin or pectin oligosaccharides (POS) being studied, resulting in the growth of several probiotic organisms.

Prebiotics are the substances (usually derived from food) which induce the multiplication and activity of living microorganisms (probiotics) conferring the health benefit on the host. The clinical evidence reveals that specific probiotic strains assist in preserving bacterial and viral infections, which include sepsis, gastroenteritis, and respiratory tract infections (RTIs). The main reason for adding the probiotic strains to complete prevention and care strategy is mainly founded in clinical studies and science.

Clinical evidence indicating the use of probiotics to prevent COVID-2019

The probiotics are known to be used in the treatment of antibiotic-induced diarrhoea and gastrointestinal infection. But, also on the other side incorporating sepsis and RTIs. The meta-analyses are the gold standard for evidence-based medicine.

Viruses are etiologic agents of more than 90% of the upper RTIs. The main impact of the probiotics on the prevention of upper RTIs is mainly documented in the number of studies. Viruses cause the effect of probiotics on the prevention of the upper RTIs has been documented. The incidence of the associated rhinovirus episodes, which is comprised of 80% of all the RTIs in this study, which sharply reduced with prebiotics.

Additionally, probiotics have been utilized to prevent the bacterial lower RTIs in several ill adults. The meta-analyses of the RCTs incorporating 2000 patients found that the probiotic strains minimize the incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia. But, the low-quality evidence and confusing results among several studies call for the well-researched RCTs.

Thus, it needs to be noted that not all the probiotics, even those gastrointestinal benefits, mainly contribute in each way to minimize the risk of the respiratory infection.

Oligosaccharides and Prebiotics

  • Prebiotics – oligosaccharides which can modulate gastrointestinal issues and enhance gut health and complete well being
  • It benefits in several ranges from the relief of constipation, less risk of colon cancer, enhances minerals absorption, etc.
  • Now commercialized prebiotic oligosaccharides incorporating fructooligosaccharides, galactooligosaccharides, isomalto-oligosaccharides, lactosucrose, etc.
  • The growing role of the pectin oligosaccharides as the prebiotic as it is not absorbed by the upper GI tract and act as the commensal bacteria or food as assisted by several studies over several years.

Companies working in this domain –

  • Glycan Therapeutics Huazhong Agricultural University
  • Kaleido Biosciences – The clinical-stage healthcare company has used a combination of prebiotic and probiotic-based pharmaceutical for treating dysbiosis

Prevention of Probiotics

The probiotics are mainly safe, even in vulnerable populations and insensitive care settings. The cases of the probiotic associated fungaemia and bacteremia have occurred on extremely fewer occasions, primary in premature as well as immune comprised patients treated with the preparations lacking with adequate quality control.


At last, vocally dispensed probiotics strains can minimize the incidence and criticality of viral RTIs. At a time, when the doctor is utilizing the drugs with less anti- COVID-19 information, probiotic strains documented for the anti-viral as well as respiratory activities can become part of the armamentarium to minimize the burden of this pandemic.

Oral Administration of probiotic strains can reduce the incidence and severity of viral RTIs. So treatment of patients suffering from Corona with appropriate drugs along with probiotics and pectin oligosaccharide as prebiotic to support the growth of microorganisms can prove to a good strategy.

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