4D printing

You might have heard of 3D printing by now but that is a thing of past , 4D printing is in now. Although 4D printing is not new concept but whats new is what happens after
when you 4D print an object.

We came across some exciting documents that discloses the similar tech. The technology that can be used to create a programmable matter is called 4D Printing.

3D Prinitng + Dimension of  time  = 4D Printing

One of the patent document mentioning 4D printing is US 20150158244 A1. This patent defines 4D printing as a combination of 3D printing technology plus the additional dimension of transformation over time of the printed object. According to this invention a 3D printing process can create a printed 3D object that transforms over time from a first, printed shape to a second, predetermined shape.

Below are some videos that shows beginning of a new era of 4D printing and programmable matter.

Although there is very little that inventors have achieved in field of programmable matter and 4D printing,  a lot of research and innovation is going on. 4D printing technology has the capability to reshape our future.

Georgia Tech Researchers Successfully created Permanent 4D Printed Objects

IEBS - 4D Printing and Programmable Matter