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Global Metals and Mining Industrial Analysis

The Client

A Leading Mining Company


The client wanted to conduct a study looking into new and effective technologies/process which can be implemented in their mining process to gain an edge over their competitors in the industry.

Our Solution

The team at Ingenious e-Brain conducted a detailed assessment of the research work, non-patent literature and patents filled by various companies and independent inventors to find the right type of technology/process which would overall give a competitive edge over others to our client. The team also studied our competitors processes and performed a SWOT analysis for our client. Additionally a list of technologies was compiled with the future scope and implementation process for the client’s to review and strategy plans.

Our Impact

This study helped the client to identify the technology potential most fit for his area of interest. The client was also able to understand the requirements of the future and how the company could focus its resources for better results in the mining process.

our Experts

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