We are an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 certified organization


When clients partner with INGENIOUS E-BRAIN SOLUTIONS, they are seeking trust along with business processes.

INGENIOUS e-BRAIN embraces the responsibility of upholding client confidentiality by implementing and assessing processes and taking controls to ensure security and integrity.We are committed to safeguarding customer data during transmission, handling and processing. Ingenious e-Brain Solutions also institutes confidentiality and Non-Disclosure agreements, as well as thorough background checks of, all employees.


We take controls to ensure security and integrity.


Highly reliable which increases customer trust and company reputation.


Keep the information of the customer completely confidential.


Highly professional in maintaining the security of client data

Client Data Handling

By E-mail: We have our own dedicated and secure VPS server so that client can deliver project files on email. By Secure FTP: We provide client access to our secure FTP server by which he can deliver the project files.

Individual Employee Access: Once we receive the project files our IT team member provide access to those files to selected project manager first and then to selected team members on managers request. Each employee has individual account on our server and accessibility to it is secured.

As per the convenient and mode chosen by the client our project managers deliver the final project files either by:

Individual and Restricted Team Folders: Every team has their dedicated folder on our server to which only members of that particular team has access to. So team members can easily share files during project securely.

After completion of the project all the data is removed from the individual accounts of the employees and stored securely on separate account in server to which no one has access to except our IT Manager for a period of 2 year. Also all the FTP and PPMS (project delivery tool) access is retained for the same period.

We confirm from client if he/she require the data after 2 years or not. If client is not interested in the data after 2 year then all the data is erased from our server and all access to FTP and PPMS is revoked. Finally all the data is moved to another backup directory on our server to which only our Management has access to.