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Out Licensing Opportunities for Antimicrobial Packaging

The Client

A leading Packaging Company

The Challenge

The Client wanted to generate licensing revenue from its antimicrobial packaging technology portfolio. Ingenious was assigned with the task of identifying potential licensing partners for this technology.

Our Solution

An in-depth analysis of the Client’s portfolio was conducted. The patents were then ranked using our in-house Patent Strength Analysis Tool. A detailed patent landscape in the technology area was conducted to identify established and emerging players. The Client’s portfolio was then mapped on to those of the key players in the domain. Based on the technology fit, four players were short-listed as potential licensing partners. The final report contained details on essential business, technology, and financial parameters to aid the Client in making the licensing decision.

The Impact

Based on Ingenious’ report, the Client was able to make a data-driven decision and successfully entered a licensing agreement with one of the players identified in the study.

our Experts

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