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Technology Intelligence on Digitization in Oil & gas Industry


There was a time when oil and gas industry was once at the forefront of latest innovations and latest technology implementation.It is the first industry to implement Distributed Control Systems (DCS) to control plants and refineries. It is also the first one to implement digital oil field concept in which seismic data is used to locate deposits and oil reserves.Now it is facing major challenges like assets optimization, high production & maintenance cost, longer downtime, etc.

  • Dense Network of Sensors to Track Drilling Operations
  • Large Data Set Handling
  • Real-time Operational Sensor Data
  • Real-time Data Collection and Analysis
  • Segregation of All Drilling Operations Data
  • Real-time Fault Detection & Maintenance
  • Centralized Data Collection
  • Specialized Data Analysis Algorithms
  • Sensor Triggered Maintenance
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Predictive Analytics

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