Global tech pioneers embrace NVIDIA EGX Edge AI for industry

Global tech pioneers embrace NVIDIA EGX Edge AI for industry

NVIDIA today confirmed the broad acceptance by leading technology companies around the world of the NVIDIA EGX edge AI Platform, supplying enterprise and cutting-edge data centers with a new generation of stable, GPU- GPU-accelerated applications, services, and servers.
Also, NVIDIA announced the extension of the EGX platform to combine the NVIDIA Ampere GPU with the Bluefield-2 DPU on a single PCIe card, providing businesses with a universal application for building stable accelerated data centers. Bluefield-2 DPUs provide powerful Arm CPU cores that are capable of creating a trustworthy enclave for GPU-running AI inference models.

Global Pioneers and Industries Adopting the NVIDIA EGX Platform

The NVIDIA EGX platform lets businesses bring AI to the edge by collaborating

  • hundreds of vision AI, 5G, CloudRAN, security, and network businesses with major server manufacturers including Dell Technologies, Inspur, Lenovo, and Supermicro, as well as leading software infrastructure vendors, including Canonical, Cloudera, Red Hat, SUSE, and VMware.
  • EGX network facilitates rapid and effective AI implementation on a scale across the world’s leading industries — manufacturing, healthcare, trade, logistics, forestry, the telco sector, the public security sector, and broadcast media.

Edge and Data Center Integrated AI Applications

The cornerstone of the EGX platform is an integrated AI development stack on NVIDIA NGC, which provides

  • a variety of industry-relevant AI toolkits.
  • pre-trained models to make it easy to develop and deploy NVIDIA-accredited systems AI applications.
  • The NVIDIA AI technology frameworks seek to create and implement wellness, shopping, logistics, and intelligent city solutions from leading AI tech vendors such as Deep North, Everseen, and the Whiteboard Organizer.
  • GPUDirect RDMA technology and NVIDIA vGPU software solutions allow NVIDIA GPUs to send and receive data to the maximum bandwidth to achieve the highest performance levels.
  • NVIDIA cooperates, with leading platform firms, including Canonical, Cloudera, Red Hat, Suse, and VMware, to facilitate companies’ AI deployment in bare metal or virtualized environments by allowing the flags of their virtualizations, operating systems, Kubernetes, and data analytics systems to enable the use of NVIDIA AI applications ultimately.

About NVIDIA Fleet Command

  • Instead of 10,000 servers at one site, there will be one or more servers at 10,000 locations, including office buildings, warehouses, storehouses, mobile towers, colleges, supermarkets, and banks in potential business data centers.
  • NVIDIA introduced an early access program for a new service named NVIDIA Fleet Command to ease and stabilize the deployment and maintenance of AI applications and trends on these scale servers.
  • This hybrid cloud architecture incorporates security and edge computing capabilities in real-time, remote control, and software-as-a-service infrastructure.
  • The Fleet Command centralizes server administration across large areas, including warehouses, hospitals, retail stores, and even city streets, through centralized control aviation.
  • Fleet Command’s one-touch, delivering
    • over-the-air software upgrades
    • Remote Control
    • Comprehensive Surveillance Dashboards make it easy for operations teams to reduce the IT burden
    • drive optimum operation performance to use their AI applications


  • KION Group, a multinational supply chain solutions pioneer, is among the first organizations to have early access to Fleet Command.
  • It is designing AI solutions for its smart warehouse systems through NVIDIA EGX AI, increasing commercial retail outlets’ success and productivity.
  • Furthermore, the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Illinois’ No.1 hospital and the top 10 in the country is partnering with the Whiteboard Leader on the Fleet Command IoT sensor network.
  • Providing machine vision, speech recognition, and the ability to trace Bluetooth inside its clinics and medical facilities.

“Companies around the world will come to use AI to improve virtually every aspect of their business,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. “To support this massive shift, NVIDIA has created an accelerated computing platform that helps companies modernize their data centers and deploy AI anywhere.”

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