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Cancer Vaccine Platforms

Ingenious e-Brain Solutions forecasts that the cancer vaccines market will witness a significant increase within the coming five years. Major factors driving the cancer vaccine market growth include the increasing number of cancer cases, rising investments and funding by government organizations for developing cancer vaccines, and technological developments in cancer vaccines platforms.

Cancer vaccines development has been intensively pursued over the past half decade with moderate success. However, recent advancements in the fields of molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, and immunology have renewed interest and allowed the development of promising cancer vaccine candidates.

Various on-going clinical trials testing of advanced vaccines candidates with the desirable target characteristics are capable of inducing strong tumour-specific non-toxic responses and can provide the maximum clinical benefit to patients. Furthermore, growing knowledge of the mechanisms by which tumours evade the immune response has led to new approaches for personalized vaccine development.

In this report, different vaccine platforms such as nucleic acids, proteins, cell based, oncolytic virus based platforms, and antigenic technologies are provided. Recent developments, comparative analysis of various vaccine platforms, established players, and future prospects of cancer vaccines are highlighted in addition to details related to collaboration/ acquisition opportunities, patenting activity in the field of cancer vaccine is included along with some other sections which are listed in the table of content of the report.

Cancer Vaccine Platforms

Several giant players are actively involved in developing the cancer vaccines using their proprietary technologies. Several Key players including BioNtech, Moderna, Merck , Northwest Biotherapeutics, Sanofi etc. are profiled in the report including their recent strategic activities.

Cancer Vaccine Platforms

IEBS has also highlighted key emerging or startup players/ academic institutes extensively working in the domain along with their developments. Most of the startup players are working around vaccine technologies (recombinant cancer vaccines, whole-cell cancer vaccines, DNA cancer vaccines, and other technologies), treatment method (preventive vaccine and therapeutic vaccine), application (prostate cancer, cervical cancer), and other applications.

Ingenious has provided details related to recent development in vaccine technologies such as neoantigen, tumor associated antigens, and antigenic essence technology which can offer customized and personalized vaccine platforms.

Cancer Vaccine PlatformsCancer Vaccine Market Segmentation

The global cancer vaccines market is segmented on the basis of technology, type, indication, end user, and region. By technology, the market is categorized into dendritic cells (DC) cancer vaccines, recombinant cancer vaccines, antigen/adjuvant cancer vaccines, and viral vector & DNA cancer vaccines. Region wise, the market is analyzed across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA. North America is expected to grow due to the high prevalence of cancer and developed healthcare infrastructure in the region.

Recent Activities of Key Companies

• eTheRNA, a Belgian-based immunotherapy company, received a EUR 6.9 million grant from the European Commission to accelerate the clinical development of mRNA-based vaccines for cervical cancers. (2021)
• Moderna Inc. release interim data from the expansion cohort of its ongoing Phase 1 study of its mRNA personalized cancer vaccine (PCV) mRNA-4157 in combination with Merck’s Keytruda, and results demonstrated that the vaccine candidate is well tolerated at all dose levels and produced responses as measured by tumor shrinkage in HPV (-)Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma (HNSCC) patients. (2020)

Recent Developments:

• Novel delivery methods, ranging from a patient’s autologous dendritic cells to liposome nanoparticles, have exponentially increased the abundance and exposure of the antigenic payloads. Furthermore, growing knowledge of the mechanisms by which tumours evade the immune response has led to new approaches to reverse these roadblocks and to re-invigorate previously suppressed anti-tumour surveillance.
• The use of new drugs in combination with antigen-based therapies is highly targeted and may represent the future of cancer vaccines.

Critical Questions the Report Answers:

•What are the key innovations available for vaccine development against cancer?
•What are the challenges and potential opportunities offered in the cancer vaccine domain?
•Who are the key players, emerging players, and academia actively involved in the cancer vaccine domain
•What are the recent technology development trends such as IP trends, scientific literature trends, recent activities, introduction of any new technological advancement and others?
•What is the market ecosystem of cancer vaccine domain?
•What are the different technology assessment parameters for conducting comparative analysis of cancer vaccines platforms?

Key Customizations Available:

• Competitive benchmarking of specific companies against your company
•Cross-segment market analysis
•Consulting on any specific application
•Whitespace analysis in any specific technical domain
•Any other customization requirement of yours

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