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IP Intelligence

Do you want to become a thought leader in your domain? Then, you require a thorough and proper search to lead in your industry. Ingenious e-Brain is specialized in offering IP advice to propel critical strategic decisions. We have a team of experienced patent professionals who perform extensive searches using cutting-edge tools that result in productive business decision.

Our transparent approach and technical expertise help us to deliver informed intelligence to clients for developing, protecting, and maintaining their patent portfolio. Ingenious e-Brain is one of the reliable IP firms that render superior quality IP solutions.

As the economic significance of patents becomes more pronounced globally, clients depend on Ingenious e-Brain to provide them with sound IP advice to propel critical strategic decisions. Our global team of highly experienced patent professionals performs exhaustive searches using best-in-class tools to identify technological threats as well as opportunities across industries and ecosystems.

Our IP Intelligence solutions include patentability/novelty, invalidity search, infringement, freedom to operate, IP valuation, landscape, chemical structure and sequence, patent alert and watch searches, patent drawing, patent drafting and more.

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