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Sustainable Packaging In Food & Beverage Industry

The buzz about sustainable packaging in the F&B sector is due to increasing consumer awareness, all businesses now place a high priority in the safety and sustainability of product packaging.

Propelling Business Sustainability With Hydrogen Economy

All sectors are under immense pressure as the debate around climate change has urged industries to limit carbon emissions. Hydrogen is emerging as a key solution.

Trash to Treasure: The Cleanest Ways to Produce Hydrogen from Municipal Solid Waste

Global economies have shifted their focus towards cleaner fuel alternatives—mainly hydrogen—owing to the ongoing energy crisis, escalating environmental degradation, and mounting pressure due to climate change. Considering the cost-effectiveness and… Continue reading Trash to Treasure: The Cleanest Ways to Produce Hydrogen from Municipal Solid Waste

Next-Generation Genome Editing Technologies

Renaissance took a lot of pain to take over the dark age of knowledge. A man was unaware of the living beings and varieties of species surrounding him Nobody in… Continue reading Next-Generation Genome Editing Technologies

Recent Developments in Microbiome Therapeutics

The human microbiome has fascinated scientists for decades. With the advances in sequencing techniques, it has finally become possible for researchers to start putting the pieces of the puzzle together.… Continue reading Recent Developments in Microbiome Therapeutics

Impact of COVID-19 on Oncology

COVID-19 pandemic has caused a tremendous shift in medical focus from almost every disorder to COVID-19 treatment. It has been observed that each step in the cancer management pathway has… Continue reading Impact of COVID-19 on Oncology

3D Integrated Circuits

With the end of Moore’s law and the ever-increasing demand for compact chips, 3D Integrated Chips have come up as a potential solution to fulfill the requirement. 3D IC is… Continue reading 3D Integrated Circuits

Data Fabric : A Case Study

Data Fabric can be explained as an environment that consists of a blend of architecture and services or technologies running on that architecture, which can help organizations manage their data.… Continue reading Data Fabric : A Case Study

Axial Flux Motors in EVs’

Electric vehicles are seen as alternatives for standard combustion engine automobiles to deal with environmental challenges. Subsidies and tax relief provided by governments for the promotion of zero-emission vehicles and… Continue reading Axial Flux Motors in EVs’

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse can be defined as a fusion of persistent, interconnected, 3D virtual space linked into a perceived virtual realm. As we are heading forward, we are acquainted with several technological… Continue reading What is Metaverse?