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Internet of Things is Redesigning the Domain of Electrical and Instrumentation Industry

With wide-ranging capabilities in electrical and instrumentation, our team offers high quality and cost-effective analytical services in several areas including technology intelligence, active research, industrial development, market and consumer insight in the domain. Our expert are highly experienced, flexible and approachable team of scientific-analytical professionals who work in collaboration with our clients and deliver valuable insights for decision making and future action. Our team offers insightful analysis for materials, technologies, patent, market and consumer perceptions to help our clients in reducing risk and at the same time increasing competitiveness, enhance customer experience, launch innovative products and services, and ensuring compliance.

Subject Matter Expertise

Significant Breadth and Depth Experience Across the Electronics and Semiconductor Domain

  • Smart meters
  • Solar & smart energy system
  • Smart grid
  • Electrical Machines
  • Sensor & Transducers technologies
  • Medical & Laboratory Instruments
  • Home automation
  • Robotics
  • Power Electronics
  • Data acquisitions & telemetry
  • Measurement Instruments

Case Studies

Past Projects

Technology Intelligence

  • Competitor Portfolio Analysis Carbon-Nanotube Wires
  • Whitespace analysis on application of fuel cells.
  • Emerging Players for IIOT Smart Power Grids.
  • Technology Intelligence- IOT Sensors in Refrigeration.
  • Technology Intelligence- IOT Sensors in Refrigeration
  • Technology trends in Electric Kitchen Appliances
Technology Intelligence Solution - Ingenious e-Brain

IP Intelligence

  • Invalidations study on Coffee Brewing Machines
  • on Brain Implants
  • FTO for Digital Vernier Caliper
  • study on Air Wayers
  • FTO for Thermoelectric PCR modules
  • on Micro Peltier Device
IP Intelligence Solution - Ingenious e-Brain

Business Intelligence

  • Market forecast for Automotive Electric PDB.
  • Market research on PLC Electrical Automation Market
  • Market size of Electrification Technologies
  • Market trends in Innovations in Smart Optical Microchips
  • Competitive Benchmarking for Cell-sized Batteries
Business Intelligence Solution - Ingenious e-Brain

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