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Wood Based Crisp Bags for Snacks Packaging

Almost all crisp packets are not recyclable and end up in a landfill. This issue is persisting for a long time back, so several efforts have been made to find plausible solutions for this. Among some remarkable efforts, some are the bags made of starch waste from potatoes by Walkers, and the Fruitplast made from the skin of tropical fruits by the University of Malaysia. In the year 2018, couple of very good news came in the market, one is from Futamura, which grabbed headlines at Packaging Innovations 2018 in London with its 100 percent plastic-free, compostable crisp bag made from barrier film NatureFlex, and other from Two Farmers, which has become the first brand in the world to use a compostable pack for crisps made from cellulose and sustainably grown eucalyptus trees and are compostable in 26 weeks.

These innovations make ways to make crisp lovers and producers prouder to assisting a sustainable and beautiful environment. The wood pulp bag tends to be “loud and crackly”, thus some companies in the past have been experienced a decline in sales and consumer complaints about the bags being too noisy. Apart from this, the two obvious negatives of biodegradable crisp packaging are-

  1. 10 times costlier than regularly used non-recyclable plastic packaging
  2. Reduced self-life of products

So, in the current scenario of natural fibers replacing plastics for barrier packaging, there is research and developmental need to overcome the challenges and to make clear prospects.

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