Advanced Tow Bars

Advanced Tow Bars

The Challenge

The domain of tow bars has not been getting enough attention, similar to the other automotive manufacturing parts. In terms of advancements, it is far behind.

With minimal to no technological advancements in the field, the companies in the domain face some significant challenges. These are:

  • What type of tow bar is most preferred in the domain?
  • What types of sensors are utilized with the current or upcoming tow bars, and what for?
  • What kind of locking mechanism is being used in current tow bars?

Our Solution

After conducting planned research on the subject, our professionals helped the company tackle the challenges mentioned above. The methodology applied for the same is as illustrated.

We based our searches on the prospected challenges. Under this, we delivered the analysis output in two formats.

1. Exhaustive list of Relevant Patent references:

  • We analyzed approximately 4000 patent references and provided an exhaustive list of patent references with their bibliographical details that were considered to be of any relevance to the study.
  • We provided technical categorizations for all the relevant references to highlight the aspects of the study they were relating to. This was done to provide a detailed picture of the overall technology being disclosed in each reference.

Another analysis output covered was insights generated using the data presented in the first format, a presentation format.

2. Few Insights based on analysis and data extracted for relevant references

  • Technical Insights:

a) Most of the references mention a swiveling type tow bar.

b) Only a handful of references disclose a manually swiveled tow bar compared to other actuating mechanisms.

c) The modern tow bars incorporate various types of new sensors, including inclination sensor, magnetic sensor, acceleration sensor, and deformation sensor.

  • Bibliographical Insights:

a) Westfalia, ACPS Automotive, and Brink Towing system appear to be the most prominent players in the domain.

b) Innovation related to tow bars peaked in 2012 and 2014.

The Impact

Towbars are a popular automotive feature in the US and European markets. They are used for attaching caravans, trailers, and other equipment. New advancements in the domain open up new opportunities to suppliers and automakers alike to provide better-towing systems and do it profitably.

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